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Alt 13.10.2014, 07:27
biellebrunner (Offline)
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Thumbs down Report: Reposted pics

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I was having a hard time navigating through the forum in German...

How do I go about reporting stollen/reposted pics?
Cause every single picture posted by Faceman28 of Stana Katic at the LA Philharmonic on this thread [http://celebforum.to/celebrity-bilder/37927-stana-katic-10.html] were clearly stolen from a fansite []L.A. Philharmonic's Walt Disney Concert Hall opening night concert and gala [30.09] - Stana Katic Brasil: Galeria.
They're even in the same order, and they're only smaller by the few inches they had to crop out the fansite tag.
People go to great lenghts and spend loads of money to get those pics, that mostly cannot be found on any other celeb forum - and it's not so someone lazy ass can just steal their images, repost them ripping out the credit.
It worries me that such thing can be found on this forum, tbh.
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Alt 13.10.2014, 21:13
TGG (Offline)
Enfant terrible
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..... and where you have stolen this pictures LoL

Example :


Btw thanks for a new source for nice pics


Vielen Dank an die Handvoll Dauerbedanker
und den abertausenden Spannern
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Alt 14.10.2014, 03:13
biellebrunner (Offline)
Registriert seit: Feb 2013
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Didn't steal them from other people, got them right from the original source. You know. As some people do. If I didn't I wouldn't mind crediting whoever it's due.
And you're welcome. ;*
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